Carolina Hormone and Health Center had given me a new lease on life. I feel like I can do anything.*
— Sonja
I love the changes in myself. I think all women should be on this program.*
— Kathy
It’s great to feel like ‘me’ again. Friends said the aches/pains, fatigue and foggy brain were all a part of being over 50. Unacceptable! I am so glad to tell them how much better I feel now, with more energy and focus!*
— Ruthie
I can not believe how much this has improved my life.*
— Marcia
I am happier now than I have been in years. Mood swings are gone and menopausal symptoms are gone. I am enjoying life more. I have more energy, better concentration, a happier marriage and a renewed sex life. Thank you Carolina Hormone and Health Center for giving my life back to me and my husband.*
— Linda
When I think back to a year ago - I’m so happy I came to Carolina Hormone - What a difference the year of treatments has made.*
— Cheryl
I now schedule ‘date nights’ with my husband. I feel like a new person!!*
— Beth